Cornelius joined the X5 team in October 2021 as a loan coordinator after 6 years of working as an underwriter in commercial financing. After learning the basics of the mortgage industry, he quickly realized that creating relationships and helping the real estate agents that X5 works with was something he truly enjoyed. His enthusiasm and joyous personality matched perfectly with the role he is now in, business development specialist.
One of his greatest passions outside of work is live music and more specifically Dave Matthews Band. Cornelius has taken the concept of kindness and positivity from his favorite music and artists and applied that to the mortgage industry. He focuses on finding ways to truly help the real estate agents we’re in business with and form deep relationships where we can serve as a business partners, helping them to grow.
When he’s not spending time making our real estate agents’ lives easier and helping their business grow, Cornelius loves spending time with his dog Jimi Thing. Jimi is a teacup Yorkie who loves other dogs and has also become a fan of the same music that Cornelius loves!

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