As one of X5’s brokers and a founding member of the team, Jake is a crucial cog in the mortgage mechanism that keeps the business running. Jake brings enthusiasm and heaps of imagination to the job each day. He describes himself as being like a computer; he enjoys soaking up new information daily, and strives to find creative solutions to all of his problems. As someone who is highly curious, Jake enjoys working in a field where he can learn something new day to day.

Jake loves the community at X5, and is always ready to lend a hand to his teammates. He describes his co-workers as having great mentalities, bringing positive attitudes to the workspace. Everyone has the same goal—and they strive towards it as a team.

He believes time is better spent on self-improvement and is wasted on criticizing others. Focusing on self-growth is how you develop and learn.

When he isn’t working with borrowers on their mortgages, Jake trains at the Portsmouth Judo Club and with Port City Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He loves the challenge of martial arts and the discipline he earns from practicing it.