We are excited to welcome Justin Small in his role as Production Manager at X5 Home Loans!

As the 7th member of the team, Justin brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge, topped off by a hardworking spirit. His favorite thing about X5 Home Loans is the contagious motivation of his teammates, and he looks forward to growing alongside them.

When asked to name one item in a home that describes him, Justin said the fridge—because he’s always running; he works hard in and out of the office, working diligently to maintain a happy home and spend time with his wife and children, as well as making time for his hobbies. Justin likes to play golf and video games in his free time and has pursued both activities since he was just five years old.

His advice to others is that mistakes are a form of learning. He believes mistakes played a valuable role in progressing his career, enabling him to learn and grow.