As the operations manager, Kelsey is a pillar of support for the team, and is always there to guide and assist her fellow co-workers, as well as communicate with our borrowers on a day to day basis. She goes above and beyond to get things done, and as such can be compared to the armchair in a home—always there to offer warmth and support to those who need it. She provides a comfortable environment for her teammates to relax and communicate as they need to.

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She truly values the teamwork at X5. She loves working in an environment of constant development and being able to ask questions of her teammates. She believes her co-workers are motivated individuals and enjoys collaborating with each of them.

Kelsey believes you should never be afraid to fail. Mistakes are unavoidable; every failure is a lesson you can learn from. Mistakes are rife with valuable experience and will aid to develop your skills.

When she isn’t helping borrowers achieve their mortgage dreams, Kelsey likes to sew her own clothes! She even makes her own shirts and dresses.

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