Tom joined the X5 team in November 2020 as a loan coordinator and has quickly become an active, engaging and spirited member of the group. His personality shimmers like a light bulb, always bringing brightness into other people’s days.

Tom enjoys working with X5 for many reasons, but especially because he likes helping others. Tom loves coming to work knowing he’s guiding people towards their next milestone, whether that’s buying their first-time home or refinancing their current one. He takes great joy in completing tasks that enable him to help others achieve happiness.

He believes it’s important to show kindness each day, and approach people with a smile. You never know what kind of impact you can have on someone’s day, so he does his best to be a positive influence wherever he goes. Tom is always the first to recommend new ideas and looks forward to finding new ways to contribute to the welfare of others.

When he isn’t making our borrower’s dreams come true, Tom is excellent in the kitchen, and loves trying out new recipes.